How the eVFD Process Works


“All of your information is stored in one place, so data entry only occurs once. For veterinarians and feed retailers, all customer information becomes stored under their customer profiles. Creating a new VFD is simple and easy, because all pertinent information gets automatically pre-populated into the VFD form. Log in from anywhere, send a VFD from anywhere, and manage it effortlessly. The veterianarian is simultaneously able to keep updated Veterinarian Client Patient Relationship information under each customer profile.”


“Our system is FDA compliant for electronic signatures. When the veterinarian submits the VFD through our system it automatically gets sent to the feed retailer of choice, the livestock producer, the practitioner, and our office. There won’t be any downtime. All records are retained and easy to manage. We automatically send reminders when expiration dates approach, and our customer service and support is able to help whenever needed.”


“Always safe and secure, our platform can be used 24/7. Your information is always protected to maintain integrity. We know what it’s like to face the demands of being a small business owner, especially a livestock producer. We’re here to help provide the valuable service to help you implement the VFD requirements flawlessly.”

We are great at what we do

“You’ll hear us use the word seamless a lot. That’s because our goal with eVFD solutions is to become so integrated into your business that we really do provide a smooth and continuous way to integrate the VFD ruling into your operation. Less downtime, less stress, ease of use: these are all of our promises to you.”



Core Services

  • Compliance Management

    “We know that any time spent in the office worrying about compliance is time taken away from managing other aspects of your business. Even so, managing your compliance needs is important and necessary, so we are here to help walk with you as you go. We’re here to help make sure that you are meeting your compliance needs and integrating those requirements into your daily business.”

  • Customer Service

    “Our customer service is what sets us apart and what drives us. Whether you need help with data entry or online tutorials, nothing is too big or too small for us to help you with. We would love for you to give us a call to discuss how can surpass your expectations and equip you with all the tools necessary to easily implement the VFD ruling going forward.”

  • Secure Access

    “We have worked with industry leaders to develop a web platform that isn’t easily matched. All of your information is always safe, secure, and private. We are FDA compliant for electronic signatures and we are equipped to maintain the integrity of every signature and every directive.”

  • Seamless Solutions

    “There is a lot of questions about how the VFD ruling will affect the medicated feed industry. We intend to be stitched into the fabric of that ruling, so it can be implemented by our customers in the most efficient way possible.”