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Combining Technology with Compliance for Seamless Execution


Veterinarian Practitioners

– We’re here to serve you. Our user interface allows you to send electronic veterinary feed directives from your desktop, tablet, or other mobile device. Our mission is to provide a service that allows veterinarians to implement VFD regulations seamlessly. We work hard at our business, so you can get back to taking care of what’s important for your business.

Feed Retailers

– Veterinary feed directives automatically get sent to your inbox the minute the veterinarian completes the directive. You experience minimal downtime in sales through our real-time document transfer. We provide a pivotal tool that allows your sales of medicated feed to continue seamlessly, and most importantly allows you to take care of your customers in the way that’s imperative to you.

Livestock Producers

– We understand fully the demands that you face every single day. We provide a service that expedites the VFD process and makes getting the medicated feed that you need as simple as possible. As a producer, you are the central link in this whole process. Our top priority is to meet your needs and strenghten the relationship between your veterinarian and your feed retailer.

eVFDSolutions.com,  to make the implementation of the Veterinary Feed Directive ruling as seamless as possible. For more information, please